The World is But a Broken Heart


Genre: Feature Film
Status: Development
Budget: TBA

Harbinger Films
Michael Maitland
Phone: (250) 858-2783

Screenplay is from the collection of short stories from the book "The World is But a Broken Heart."


The World is But a Broken Heart - Trailer


Passages of such beauty - BC Book Review

Screenplay is executed with the confidence of an experienced, thoughtful, independent voice…. fires on all cylinders – story, characters, theme, arcs, dialogue, tension and resolution… nothing but respect and kudos for everything here.

"The World is But a Broken Heart" a collection of inter-connected stories is now available through your local book store, on BC Ferries or you can request it from your local library.
Published by Signature Editions (ISBN 978-1-773241-29-6).